Digital Transformation

Vision becomes reality

In the era of digital transformation, new ideas enliven entire industries. Disruptive technologies change our lives and existing business models.

DATA.HEROES give you orientation in the digital transformation. We work closely with our clients to identify, prove and explore new use cases for their business. Where is your company? Which methods and technologies do you use to generate new opportunities in the digital age? We help companies and organizations leverage Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Blockchain to delight their customers and transform their businesses. With a design thinking approach we develop a roadmap with you.

Internet of Things

Countless machines, vehicles or other things are connected to each other through sensors, thus offering companies ever more far-reaching opportunities to tap into new target groups and business areas. Only those who offer intelligent solutions to their customers in the future will be one step ahead of the competition. The Internet of Things is playing an increasingly important role here.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the topic Internet of Things today? Together with you, we develop suitable Internet of Things solutions for your company and increase your competitiveness.


Blockchain is a shared, non-modifiable journal for recording the history of transactions. It supports a new generation of applications to figure out business transactions that provide more confidence, predictability and transparency. Blockchain systems can potentially disrupt industries and permanently change the competitive landscape.

For developing enterprise level decentralized applications and confidential business-to-business transactions we focus on Ethereum and Hyperledger in several application areas :

  • International B2B Payment Transactions
  • Smart Contracts
  • Supply Chain Management Transparency
  • Utilization of Electronic Health Records
  • Tracing of Food Safety
  • Energy Futures Trading and Compliance

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